Oh Spring, Sweet Spring. Where Art Thou?


A Sight I am Longing to See


Oh Spring, sweet Spring. Where art thou? Come quickly and take up thy rightful place on your seasonal throne.

I took this picture last year on March 28th when we were up north at my uncles’. As you can see, Spring had most definitely arrived.

This year, snow still covers the ground and Spring is nowhere to be found.

I am hopeful though, that Spring will reveal Herself to us very soon and then the frolicking might begin in earnest!

In the meantime, I thought a little flash of color might do us all some good.



0 thoughts on “Oh Spring, Sweet Spring. Where Art Thou?

  1. It’s HERE! And I’m doing my darndest to send her on her way…we’ll get up to almost 100 degrees on Thursday, so maybe I should hang onto her with both hands!

    Lovely picture!

  2. The blossoms on this blog at the moment – they make me happy. Thank you – and rest assured, spring is coming. You have most certainly helped it along.

  3. I know I commented on this yesterday, but I had to tell you I came back today just to look at the flowers. That is how much joy they brought me. Still thankful for them, and for you.

  4. Thank you all! Roxanne, I’m glad they made you so happy! I’m so very thankful for you as well! Oh how blessed I am to have found all of you. Thank you thank you thank you! I feel the same when I read your blog as well-each and every one. šŸ˜€

  5. I so feel your pain … the urgency with which you want spring to appear. Your photo is fan-tab-ulous, Tracy. LOVE it. And thanks so much for your comments on my blog. I will respond to you there later about the beautiful words you wrote (which I believe warrant a poem with their lyrical quality). Have a great day … and boy – you weren’t kidding – you really do like to change up your blog often. Love this version, too!

  6. Thanks, Melissa! I love seeing what photos you will post next. I know. I get bored. I change my furniture around about as much too. LOL! I always like different perspectives. šŸ˜€

  7. I didn’t know my eyes were this sore for spring until I saw this. How gorgeous! And guh, when you said that this was March 29 of last year, I actually cringed, thinking about how far behind we are this year. Maybe only a couple of weeks’ worth of good weather, but when we have SO much winter every week of spring counts!

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