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So for my birthday I used my birthday money to purchase an iPad. No, I didn’t get the new iPad 2. I opted for the old one. It was a hundred dollars off and for the price of the new model, I could get both the iPad AND the keyboard with dock.

Last year, my husband got the iPad using our combined birthday money (our birthdays are four days apart). This year, it was my turn. I am happy with my choice and think it will be quite handy. So I downloaded a few apps after reading some reviews and am trying them out. I am liking iA Writer so far. It works with Dropbox and there’s not much there to divert my attention away from writing which is a good thing! I already had Pages – which I love. I just wish Scrivener would create an iPad app (fingers crossed for that). I also got a stylus for taking notes and doodling. It’s kind of fun. I haven’t used it very much yet though.

I am up at my mom’s for a few days and this will be the real test to see (for me) how the iPad with the keyboard dock works for my writing. I have a lot of ideas spinning circles around in my head for my story and this is a great chance for me to get them down “on paper”. I did forget my lap desk at home. So we’re going to go downtown in a bit to pick up another one.

Other than that, I’m not feeling well. My three-year-old was sick the last few days with a cold but she is getting over it. I woke up this morning with a wonderful sore throat and now I’m stuffed up. I’ve been taking my Emergen-C and doing everything I can to combat it. I’m hoping my husband stays healthy and that my little one doesn’t get sick again.

The snow is almost all gone and now we are hearing that we are supposed to be getting about 8-16 inches of snow tomorrow through Wednesday. Can you say, “UGH”? It is reaching up into the 50’s today temperature-wise, I just wish the sun was shining. It’s a great day to get out and walk and hopefully we’ll get a chance to do that before it gets dark. šŸ™‚

It’s peaceful up here at my mom’s. She has awesome neighbors (wish I could say the same) and I love walking my old route that I used to run/walk when I was younger. There’s a sense of freedom up here that I don’t really “feel” down where we live.

So my week is hopefully going to be a fun, productive one full of writing, picture-taking, helping Mom, visiting the Uncles, playing with my little pumpkin outside and just enjoying time together.
Oh yes, and catching up on my blog-reading! I hope your week is every bit as terrific as you want it to be!


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  1. Enjoy! I hope that your sore throat is better tonight. I’m sure that time with your mom will help. I’m sorry to say that because it rained all day here, you are probably doomed to more snow. I guess that will just make the spring that much nicer for you when you finally get it.

    Have a wonderful week!

  2. Major case of the jealousies over here! I really want to splurge on a (discounted) iPad but I can’t really bring myself to do it until I sort out the working situation for when my contract is up!

    Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well but cuddling up in bed with your new iPad should cheer you up ā™„

  3. Where is “up here”? It sounds wonderful and a great way to recharge and unwind (minus the cold you picked up). I’m VERY interested to hear what you think about the iPad. Hubby’s iPad2 is ordered (and he’s chomping at the bit). I figure this is my way to ‘test the waters’ of writing and, er, reading e-books on HIS machine, before I invest in my own (like you, I’d go for the older version). I’ve been dragging my feet about riding the e-book wave since I LOVE my paper and ink. You’re the fourth person to tout the prasies of Scrivener, too. Maybe I need to quit being so darn old-fashioned about ALL of it? Have a wonderful, relaxing time!

    • For some reason, your comments were all going to spam! Not sure why! I just approved all the ones I could find! I promise I wasn’t ignoring you! Thanks for the comments, Noel!

  4. ohhhhhhhh! I’ve been reading such cool things about the iPad — I could never understand how it was different (except that it was smaller) than a laptop, but now I think they sound awesome!

    Hope your sore throat gets buried under all that snow (yikes! that sounds like TOO *&%#-ing much snow – IMHO) – and you have loads of fun with your pumpkin!

  5. Except for the illness, this sounds like a wonderful getaway. And I seriously love Emergen-C. It’s SO expensive here though that it’s criminal. Most places have it over $20 a box. When I find it for half price I go a little nuts.

    Enjoy your holiday and that sense of freedom. Take it where you can get it, right?

  6. Char, Thanks! Mom says hi back to you! She asks how you are doing.

    Brandee – I am SO ready for Spring!

    Stereo, I hope you can get one soon! I hemmed and hawed (sp) about getting one as I didn’t see the need but we did the pros and cons list and decided to use the birthday money for fun (yes, techie things are fun for us). And since it was my turn to use the money, heh heh heh… I am glad I did get it.

    Melissa, “up here” is Marinette, Wisconsin. I am really enjoying the iPad so far. I read my books on my Kindle though. They are both nice for reading but my Kindle is nice and light. My husband got his iPad last year for his birthday so it was my turn this year. LOL. I have a hard time “writing” on paper as I think too fast for my pen and my penmanship gets really bad as I try to keep up. LOL!

    Karen, I have the MacBook and iMac too and am finding that the iPad is just nice for when you don’t want the frills and you just want to get out and focus on writing or just browse the net or read.

    Kim, Emergen-C is about $9-$12 for a box here – depending where you buy it.
    I love Berry Blue!
    Thanks for the comments everyone!

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