Signs of Spring

The birds. The beautiful chorus of birds singing their little hearts out. How lovely is that sound, that magical music! As March approaches April the snow disappears, the grass gets a little greener, the trees reveal more buds, the ground softens and the air smells all the more sweeter. You can see life, smell life, feel life all around in such vivid abundance that it is breathtaking!

I think Spring is the time when we notice the little things around us more than ever – those things that are never more apparent than this time of year. We appreciate life just a little bit more because after a long, hard winter, it is so refreshing to see all these wonderful signs of life popping up all around us.

And even though we are supposed to get more snow this coming Tuesday, I am holding steadfast to the knowledge that Spring is just around the corner and these last attempts of Winter to maintain his stranglehold on us will be overpowered by the Earth’s axis as it increasingly tilts toward the warmth of the Sun.

0 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

  1. So true, Tracy. I think Spring is when everything and everyone wakes up a little and starts having a bit more fun 😉 I can’t wait until it’s in full swing 😀

  2. Oh, signs of life. I know it’s a cliche to say I feel it in my bones but I do. I’m so ready. And now that I know about the snow and ice that came your way I just hope that this is the last spit of winter you have to deal with.

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