The Dreaded Plateau – My Weekly Kettlebell Update

I’m there. It always happens right around this time. And I’m not surprised. This is where the path I’m on comes to a fork in the road and I can do one of two things. I can get frustrated and give up or I can keep going, pushing through it and this damn plateau and know that it is not unusual and that once I come out on the other side, I’ll be stronger, fitter and all the better for it.

Yes, I’m at the dreaded plateau but for the first time, I am not worried. I’m not frustrated. I am accepting it for what it is and I am assessing what I can do to rev things back up.

I’m on the right path. I know that. I feel so incredibly energized and excited about that fact. I might not be dropping poundage as quickly as I would like and the inches aren’t disappearing as quickly as they did in the first month but I am still gaining strength. I am still getting smaller, tighter, fitter, healthier and happier.

The kettlebell and the Warrior Diet have given me a sense of confidence in myself I have not felt in a long time-more than any other workout regimen I followed in the past. It might not be the right path for others. I know though, that it is for me.

My focus now is in the future and how the benefits of pushing through this plateau and continuing with what I am doing now will affect me down the road.  And as I move on to month three of this “way of life” I will continue to keep you all posted. These posts are good for me too as a way of seeing how far I’ve come. Anything worthwhile does not happen overnight. It takes time. It takes work. And I am more than okay with that.

Happy Weekend! 🙂

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