The Never Ending Winter

Quiet Stillness of Winter

Some of my other online friends have written about the “stillness” of winter – that quiet time that surrounds us like an icy, yet protective veil.

I think that is part of the reason I like this time of year so much – the quiet stillness it allows for thought, and self-reflection.

Although I will admit that I have a pretty bad case of spring fever right now.

As I write this post, it is snowing outside. It looks like we’ve received a couple inches so far with an expected total of eight. I’m not surprised really. It’s not unusual for us to see snow in March or April or heck – even May, here in Wisconsin. (let us hope that Winter takes its leave sooner than that, however) It always seems to snow on my birthday as well – which happens to be St. Patrick’s Day. I’m thinking the only green I’ll be seeing will be my Shamrock Shake and all the St. Patrick’s Day decorations being put up in honor of me being born. HA! 😛

I have to say that despite my deep adoration for Winter, I’m ready for this time of quiet to be over. I’m ready for spring green, sunny days, spending time out on my deck and grilling food. I’m ready to plunge my hands into the thick, rich soil in my uncles’ garden and begin spring planting. I ache for the upcoming lazy summer days. I can’t wait to lay out on the grass with my three-year-old and watch the marshmallow clouds as they float dreamily by. I can’t wait to roll down a hill with my husband and daughter as we get dizzier than can be and laugh hysterically at each other as we try to get up and walk without falling over.

But considering today’s weather I think I’ll have to be a little more patient for the time being as it seems more like the never ending winter than the month that ushers in Spring. But that’s okay.  Spring will come.  🙂


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  1. I have to say…I sometimes miss that quiet stillness. We don’t get that here. Oh, sure, there are days when we stay inside, but those are days that you would take advantage of to be out & doing things in the middle of winter. We used to have a fireplace, in an old apartment, but we don’t have one in the house that we’ve been in for ten years. There are more “no burn” days than days you can actually have a fire, so it seems like something from my long distant past.

    Soon, we’ll be relegated to the house, the office or the mall. Outside will once again be something that we dream about, as the thermometer climbs ever higher.

    I know that it’s hard to appreciate right now, but there are some of us that would enjoy even a taste of winter.

    I loved the part about rolling down the hill with your family. There’s something wonderful about stretching out in deep green grass.

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