Kettlebell Update

So here I am going into my second month of the kettlebell and first month following the Warrior Diet.

Right now, things have slowed down in terms of measurement and weight. I have lost another inch on my waist and on my chest and about a half an inch on my hips. Weighing myself is another matter.

I’m at a standstill weight-wise. I am eating really clean, watching the calories but I really need to stay away from the scale. The scale is not my friend. I get too manic about it and I know I should not. I AM getting leaner and stronger and that should be the focus, right?

My 18 pound Dragon Door kettlebell is too light for swings so I am using the 30 pound kettlebell for that and squats. Everything else, I still use the 18. My Turkish Get-Ups are getting better and my weak left side is getting stronger. I am working out 30 plus minutes now every other day with 20 minute workouts on the alternate days and one – two days rest interspersed in there.

As far as the eating – we were naughty one day to see how our systems could handle it and boy oh boy! We had chips, salsa with cheese and regular soda for lunch. My head felt like I entered a pea soup fog and I felt so sluggish. My husband said the same thing. On the Warrior Diet, I eat an apple for breakfast, a half-cup cottage cheese with a cup of blueberries around noon and fruit/vegetables throughout the day if I get hungry. For supper, we do the salad, then vegetables and a protein and once in a while, a Dogfish Head Beer. I feel so massively “clean” eating this way. I have more mental clarity – which I have mentioned before. Eating the crappy stuff really, really messed that up. Not fun.

I am a little concerned I might not be eating enough. I eat between 450 – 700 calories during the day and then I “try” to eat 1000 or so at night. So my total daily calories should be around 1600/1700 and then more to compensate if I worked out. Some days, I might be getting less than that – especially when I work out. I’ll have to play around with the calories – ramp it up a bit maybe and see what happens. I do know that I FEEL great so there’s that and maybe that is all I should be concerned about. Sorry if I sound crazy. I don’t mean to. I do know I think too much about this sometimes. Ugh.

I used to have a lot of headaches. I don’t have them anymore since doing all this. That is a wonderful thing. I’m still really loving the kettlebell and how it makes me feel. I have to remember that it doesn’t happen overnight. Change takes time. By Summer, I should be really hitting my stride. I hope. πŸ™‚

Hope you all have a terrific weekend!

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  1. Yes, things do slow – and lean muscle is heavy. Weight really means nothing compared to something like BMI or even the simple fact of your body reshaping itself. The Warrior diet sounds awesome – very much like how I’d like to eat. Maybe I need to move that way. πŸ™‚

    Great post!

  2. As Lydia said and as you know…muscle is heavier, so forget about the number. You are doing it correctly. You’re feeling better & looking better to yourself…that’s all that matters.

    You are my inspiration! πŸ™‚

  3. That is amazing! Congratulations on all of your hard work! I would bet maybe you need to eat a bit more – especially if you are exercising a lot. It doesn’t sound like you are eating very much food (that’s my jealousy talking, most likely.)

  4. So I’m starting way back here and by now the kettlebell stuff could be wildly different, but I’m following along. I am curious if Dogfish Head has anything particularly healthy going for it, or if you choose it just because it’s a Damn Fine Beverage.

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