And Then We Move On…

The memory of loss – of things once held dear now gone – drag across the soul as a jagged edge of glass across flesh.

Yet, we move on. We move on and keep living because we have no other choice.

Hurt as it will.

They say time heals all wounds and indeed it does but the sting of sorrow, of regret, of loss always remains. Always lingering in the shadows until something reminds us of what once was – and then it all comes rushing back tearing open the scars, ripping at our soul.

We pull up our sleeves, grab the broom we keep tucked away in that dark closet inside our brain then brush those negative thoughts and memories back under the carpet where they will stay, for now.

Out of sight but not entirely out of mind.

And then we move on.


0 thoughts on “And Then We Move On…

  1. Yikes…love this! It is deep, thoughtful, and a picture of the lifelong struggle memories good and bad can hold upon us. We remember, we feel, then we move on. Why? Simply because that is how you keep living and being happy. It is something we must do to survive and keep thriving.
    Good job, I love this!

  2. Yes. And at this point, you just have to put one foot in front of the other. To me, it feels like walking through a snowstorm, with all the elements coming at you from all sides.

  3. Thanks, Roxanne. The article was spot on I think and very good. We all grieve in such intensely personal ways. We grieve death, loss, end of friendships, end of relationships, end of job, major changes in life that freak us out. There are just so many forms of grief and yet reactions are so similar oftentimes… it is a loss – no matter how one cuts it.

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