Kettlebell Update – One Full Month In

I’m a little late this week in posting my weekly kettlebell update.  I was sort of hoping my brand-spanking new kettlebell from Dragon Door would have arrived by now but that’s just me being super-hyper-anxious to get it.

Yes! Last weekend, I ordered an 8kg (18 lb) kettlebell from Dragon Door. It is my Valentine gift from my husband. I am so excited to get it. It will be like Christmas!

So you might be asking why I would go up only three pounds from the current 15 lb kettlebell I own. Well, the 15 lb kettlebell is one of the three that came in the Jillian Michaels set I bought in January. Remember, I only bought that set because I didn’t know if I would like kettlebell and didn’t want to spend a ton of money on something I might not like.

Ha! Little did I know I would discover a PASSION for the kettlebell.  The 15 lb kettlebell from the Jillian Michaels set is large in circumference, much bigger than my 30 lb USA cast iron one I bought at Scheel’s. (I’ll post a pic of the two together later) So the weight distribution (density) is quite different. I think the 18 lb will feel quite different and handle much better than the cheapo 15 lb one. (correct me if I am wrong?)

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to get a quality kettlebell. Don’t settle for cheap if you intend to get into the kettlebell. I doubt the USA one will last very long (uncertain) and I intend to replace that one when the time comes with another Dragon Door kettlebell. That is all I will get from now on.

By the way, Dragon Door just updated their site. Check it out if you get a chance. They’ve done a nice job on the update.

Now, onto the “how I am doing” segment of this post. I’m still going strong!  My measurements – this week my waist is down another inch, my arms are starting to get some tone to them and I can perform one armed rows from plank position with a kettlebell. This is something I was never able to do before. My upper body strength has never been great. My lower body has always been strong.

My weight – not worrying about for right now. I’m more concerned with overall inches and focusing on my workouts and the Warrior Diet. This is sort of a bad week measurement-wise so that is why I’m not going into full-detail on that. But overall, you can see definite changes in my body. I’m getting smaller – more compact. I feel it, I see it and I’m happy.

The funny thing is that swinging the 15 lb kettlebell is a joke right now. It is so light it is not giving me any sort of resistance. The 30 lb one is what I’ve been swinging and squatting with and then I use the 15 lb for the cleans, presses and Turkish Get-Ups.  Oh yes, that’s another thing. David Whitley – in one of his tips regarding the Get-Ups suggests setting the knees a little further apart when laying on the ground and then driving the heel of the foot into the ground as you drive up into the half-get up position. (paraphrasing here) I found this helps tremendously – especially with my weaker left side. I’ve been practicing the Get-Ups with weight and without weight. Squats are really doing a number on me. I never cared for them before and now I am starting to appreciate them for what they do.

This week I’ve been more tired than anything. I worked out only three days but I increased the duration of my workouts. Next week I’ll go back to every day with one day rest. I’m also starting to put together an actual organized workout plan based on Pavel Tsatsouline’s “Enter the Kettlebell” and David Whitley’s 101 Kettlebell Workouts. Hopefully (fingers and toes crossed) my 8kg will be here by then so I can really start going to town.

As far as the Warrior Diet. This is my third week and still going strong. This week has been slightly tough as I’ve been having small sweet cravings. I normally don’t.  But I’ve been doing okay.  My husband started the Warrior Diet this week and really likes it too. It is a good fit for the two of us. Now to get him going on the kettlebell! 🙂  I am finding I don’t have a lot of cravings normally with this way of eating and I just feel tons better since starting it.

I am excited to weigh myself at some point. I have been laying off for a bit because I tend to get a little manic about it so we both thought I should not get a new battery for the scale for a bit and just focus on workouts and measurements.

So that is my update for this week! Once I get the new kettlebell (won’t the UPS guy love me?) I will post pictures of it. Yes, I am THAT dork. Until then, have a great weekend!  Oh and shoot me a comment or email if you use kettlebells or have just started! I would love to know!

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