Against the Immensity

I’m not sure how this picture makes me feel. I know I like it. I know I took it because of the contrast. Things like that strike me.

This lonely length of grass stands alone quivering in the winter breeze, yet undeterred by the cold and snow.

Sometimes I feel like that here amidst the joys and throes of life. And it’s not a bad thing to feel that way.

Not always, at least.

I can choose to feel isolated and alone or see it as my defining moment. That singular almost time-manipulating moment where one must make a decision – one that defines who we are to be from that moment on.

Strong. Separate and yet part of something bigger. Defined by one’s own self-made “silhouette” against the swells of man.

This one slender, almost fragile length of grass is not so delicate when one considers its ability to stand against such empty immensity.

Could I? Would I? Am I willing to do the same standing here in a world where inequality, intolerance and injustice still abound amidst the immensity of mankind?

0 thoughts on “Against the Immensity

  1. I’ve always had this image that I hold onto as a bit of a life goal. Its an image of myself standing against a giant resonating tidal wave of blackness, as if to hold it back. I really like this little blade of grass because it makes me think of that self image, maybe with a bit more positive spin on it.

    He’s not holding back the sky, he’s reaching for its boundless possibilities.

  2. Precisely what Kim said. I sometimes envy those life coach people (although I’m highly sceptical of them) because they always APPEAR to have the answers. I wish I could help you out more in your journey.

  3. Yes. Love this. Because even when you’re surrounded by lots of love, you’re the only one in your own head. You’re the only one who knows where you’re going. And you’re the only one on you’re journey. And this piece described that feeling perfectly.

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