Finding the Calm Amidst the Chaos of Life

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What’s the best way for you to blow off some steam?


Whenever I’m feeling frustrated, anxious, ticked, mad, upset or stressed out, I do several things to blow off steam. Of course what I do depends if I can get out of the house.

I find going to the bookstore and perusing the titles is a great stress reliever for me. There’s something calming, peaceful and invigorating about being surrounded by and inhaling the delicious scent all those books! I also like to rearrange the furniture in my house and sometimes cooking helps when I’m keyed up.

Writing has been one of the biggest things to help me push through dark times such as my parents’ divorce and my wretched excuse for a relationship or non-relationship with my father.  I tend to do it through poetry. It is not the sort of poetry I would want anyone else to read. It’s not nice. It’s raw, harsh and ugly. But it’s also very therapeutic.

Exercise of course is always a great way to release a lot of pent-up energy be it positive or negative . There’s nothing like sweating it out and then washing it all away in the shower.  Burning some sage and sweetgrass is also wonderfully calming to the spirit.

But far and away, my favorite way to ease my mind and recharge my soul is spending time with my three-year-old and my husband. That always puts things into perspective.  🙂

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  1. Simple but effective ways to erase stress. I also find that writing is my main outlet. I have pages and pages filled with words that sometimes don’t even make much sense but go a long way to improving my mood and mental state. Another big one for me is simply lying down and getting some sleep – I ALWAYS feel better after some sleep.

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