Don’t Forget…

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Write a letter to yourself a year from now. What things are happening right now that you won’t want yourself to forget?


So, how are you doing? Have you done all the things you planned to do in 2011? How did it turn out?

Well, I’m hoping that your passion for kettlebells is still going strong and that you have improved your form and technique. Your physique should be drastically different by now.  Remember, the key is consistency. Don’t forget how great you are feeling and how much energy and confidence they give you.  Keep it up!

How about the writing, your main passion? I’m hoping you have conquered your fears and are putting yourself out there.  I am also hoping that you have either completed your novel or made substantial headway with it. Never give up.  And don’t give up on your business. It will come. Be patient.

You’re happy right now, quite a big thing since 2010 was such a majorly horrid year for you.  Things are looking up. Continue with the positivity. Focus on all that is good and wonderful.

Don’t forget to always take care of yourself.

Love, Me




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