Kettlebell Progress Update #1

I started using the kettlebell on Monday, January 17th.  I also took down my measurements and weight at that time.  Today, I stepped on the scale and also hauled out the old measuring tape.  The results are as follows:

Weight: lost 1 pound

Inches lost:
Total inches lost since last week: 4.5 inches
– lost 1.5  inches on my bust
– lost  1 inch on my chest
– lost 2 inches on my waist
– lost half an inch on my neck
BUT, I gained half an inch on my arm

I am pretty happy with the results so far. I’m keeping track of my calories, doing kettlebells three times a week and a little over two miles in thirty minutes on the treadmill two to three times a week on alternate days. I’m not running again yet as I want to get down 10 pounds or so first. Technically, I’ve lost three pounds since Christmas, so I know I’m headed in the right direction and quite invigorated.

Happy Sunday! Go Packers!

4 thoughts on “Kettlebell Progress Update #1

  1. Holy moly. Congratulations! Now I’m even more tempted to track some of those kettlebells down.

    And I join you in your Go Packers!

    …’Cause I think my Steelers will have an easier time against them in the Super Bowl than they would against Chicago 😉

  2. LOL! Hey, I’m a Steelers fan too and I’m pulling for the Steelers to kick major Jets butt tonight! Yeah, I was happy with the results – of course it goes with counting calories but I’m happy. You know what’s really cool is that I am always looking forward to my next kettlebell workout because it IS fun. I also love that my favorite Patagonia cords that were too tight last weekend are now slightly loose. LOVE that. Have a terrific day!!!! Let me know if you do start kettlebells. We can encourage each other.

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