My First Week Using the Kettlebell

(Disclaimer: I am NOT an expert at the kettlebells nor do I pretend to be.  This post is purely me giving you, the reader, an idea what it is like from a beginner’s-my perspective. Please seek proper training and advice from a certified trainer.)

So this is my first week working out with the kettlebell. I decided last weekend to give them a try, so I  bought a cheaper version, the Jillian Michaels set, which consists of a 5lb, 10lb and 15lb kettlebell plus dvd. The reason I went for the less expensive set is because kettlebells (good kettlebells) are not cheap and I didn’t want to dish out a bunch of cash for something I might not like.

A bit of advice if you do buy the Jillian Michaels set (yes, from me, the novice). Watch the Jillian Michaels instructional dvd and then burn it. There are some great tutorials online and better yet, find a certified kettlebell trainer to instruct you in person.  Proper technique is imperative. Jillian Michaels’ kettlebell technique (from everything I’ve read and watched) leaves something to be desired. Before you start working out with them, learn all you can – watch various techniques and start out slowly. Proper form is essential in any exercise so as to avoid injury. Arm yourself with knowledge and you should be fine.

What I’ve been doing so far for my workouts are several 10 minute sessions throughout the day.  Since I’m a beginner, I’m starting out with the 10 and the 15 lb kettlebells. I will have to move up to a higher weight at some point.  That’s when I’ll invest in a better kettlebell but for now, this set will suffice. I downloaded a really great app from the App Store called the “Kettlebell Swing Timer”.  I HIGHLY recommend it. I have it on my Touch and have it set to 30 second intervals with 30 second rests for 10 sets.  It gives you a three second beep before it starts and before/after each set.  It’s very helpful and keeps you focused.  Also, some good dubstep is great music-wise for the workout to help keep your rhythm. My kettlebell playlist has Beastie Boys, The Crystal Method and The Chemical Brothers.

I’m not sure exactly how many calories the workouts burn. I’ve read that it is a lot and some have compared it to running a six minute mile in terms of calorie burn.

Some things I am finding out as I work out with the kettlebells:
1. You WILL be incredibly sore after the first few workouts
2. My posture seems to be improving
3. It gets  your heart pumping quickly
4. Despite soreness, my joints feel loose and I feel relaxed – very Zen-like after a   workout.
5.  They are FUN.
6. You WILL drop them or send them flying once in a while. Make sure everyone and any valuables are out of the way and you have plenty of space
7. Workout barefoot as you will keep your weight in  your heels. Shoes throw that off.
8. Do not overdo it. Do it every other day – make sure to give your body a chance to rest in between.

Here’s a video of Russian Kettlebell Instructor, Pavel Stejskal that I found to be absolutely beautiful to watch. Plus it gives you an idea of what the different movements are like.

I hope this post helps out a little. I’ll keep you all updated on my progress.  I should start to see some real results around the three-week mark. (from what I’ve read)

Shoot me some comments, let me know what you think. Are you using kettlebells? What have you discovered by using them? I would love to know!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. Yay! Thank you! That second video was really beautiful to watch. I’m actually very tempted to start this now. And I’ll be following along as you go and improve.

  2. Kim, I’m noticing slight improvements physically already. My stomach area – the abdominal “pouch” has gone down A LOT since last week. This has been a major problem area for me and this is really the first “program” that has actually hit that area (for me) I am excited to see how things are three weeks from now! Let me know if you do start and how you are liking it. One thing I really notice too is that when my back hurt yesterday (soreness) that when I did my workout, the back soreness disappeared and felt better than ever – but keep in mind – when you first start, you might not be able to walk very well the next few days!!! It REALLY targets the hamstrings – which is how they say you know you are doing it properly. You shouldn’t feel it in your quads. You should feel it in the hammy. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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  4. Well said, and certainly agree about Jillian Michaels – she is a liability. Take it easy and workout short but often for great results. Keep us informed of how you get on.

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