On the Right Path

For the first time in a long while, I feel tinglingly alive. Is tinglingly a word? Oh who cares? It describes how I feel!

So why do I feel tinglingly alive, you ask? Hmmm…well for one thing, I’m working out again. Yes, that makes a huge difference in my life. The last – well most of 2010 – I stopped working out. Which might explain why I gained ten flipping pounds. Not that that is all I need to lose, mind you, but still it was ten pounds I have been keeping off as I worked my way downwards. I think that not working out, coupled with my depression that I felt most of 2010, had a huge impact on my weight-gain. Eating wise, I am not one to pig out or eat a lot sweets. We eat pretty healthy and I do watch my calories, but unless I am working out in addition to eating right, I can forget it.

The Right Path

The funny thing is that I enjoy working out. I enjoy running and weightlifting but last year, I hit a point where I just did. not. care. My fire – my enthusiasm was cold. I don’t think I realized how BAD I looked (in my eyes) until I took the annual family picture in front of the Christmas tree and compared it to the picture I took in 2009. That ten pounds made a big difference. Big difference.

Now, don’t get me wrong, please don’t think this post is aimed critically at anyone but me. I have no desire to be a waif. I will never be ultra thin and I don’t want to be. I want to be healthy and fit. I know that of which I am capable. I really let myself down and I am working to correct this.

I bought some kettlebells last weekend and am working out with them every other day. So far, I love them. They really do give you an all-body workout. The key is proper technique and that is what I am working on. Also doing treadmill and then will incorporate my regular weight-training to my week soon. My energy levels are increasing once more and I lost two pounds since last week, so that is good.

Why am I posting about this? Because I am trying to get my head on straight again. I am using the month of January to right my ship and get back on course. Will I have bad days? I’m sure I will as who can predict the future? But the key is to set myself up so that when the bad days hit, I can handle them…hopefully better than I handled them last year. LOL. Next up is getting back into my writing and back to my writing group. I am on “leave” for a bit – since before Christmas BUT I feel the flames in the pit of my soul beginning to lick hungrily at me – seeking fuel for the creative fire!! I’m getting there. Yes. I am.

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  1. I’m right there with you – gained 10 pounds last year, stopped exercising -and you’re right, 10 pounds really does make a difference. I’ve started exercising as well, so hopefully I can get rid of the extra before the spring! (But Lord knows how much I hate the treadmill)

  2. *stands on the sidelines with my pom poms and cheers you on* GO, GIRL! I’m proud of you. Reading this was like reading about myself; we really are that similar (except I really dislike working out). I’m so proud of you, Tracy! Keep up the good work 😀

  3. but last year, I hit a point where I just did. not. care.

    That is such an insidious feeling. I know it intimately. Good for you for saddling up and getting past it! I’m curious about the kettlebells so hopefully sometime soon you’ll write up your routine and tell us all about it.

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