Days of Doubt

It creeps up on you when you aren’t looking, stealing up behind you and seeping into your subconscious wreaking all sorts of havoc.  It seems no matter how I try to avoid it, it finds me. And try as I might to fight it off, to wage war against it, it manages to take off but not before leaving its sticky residue behind.  So constant vigilance is needed even on the brightest of days where confidence is high and it feels as if nothing can go wrong.  The key is to keep doubt at bay to not allow it access.  Yes. Yes. Yes. Easier said than done.

Unfortunately, I think it is easier to give in – to allow doubt into our mind and give it free reign. Why? Because it relieves us (or so we think) of responsibility. It relieves us of having to deal with that which is difficult or taxing.  By allowing doubt in, we can sit back and not try. We can wallow in our fear and ignorant sense of of false bliss.

I find comfort in the fact that I do have the power to control it. I can either give in to it or I can shut the door in its face.  And so can you.

Have an awesome weekend. Let yourself free fall  into confidence, happiness and JOY!

0 thoughts on “Days of Doubt

  1. And that nasty voice always shows up when we’re trying to do something important or essential, doesn’t it? I find music helps — loud, strong, powerful music. I have playlist of all the songs that are me — all the notes and noises I would be if I were transformed into songs, and I listen to it on the dark days. It helps remind me that doubt is just my ego yapping, like a dog, in my ear. (But I forget this often, so thank you for reminding me that we DO have control over it)

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  2. Doubt is so insidiously comfortable. It wouldn’t suck me in as easily if it made me itchy. Instead it’s like sinking into an enormous sofa with exactly the right throw pillows at my grasp.

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