The Light Bulb Moment

I just finished reading, “Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation” by Steven Johnson. It is an excellent brain massage of a read about the germination of ideas and how many of our advancements come not from just one single entity but rather an amalgamation of thoughts and suggestions brought on by a “meeting of the minds” – groups of like-minded people who come together and create an intellectual soup of sorts.

The birth of ideas; of concepts and theories is fascinating.  The game of “idea” tag that takes place when a simple article or question evolves into something much more – something resulting in a major or even minor advancement (but an advancement nonetheless) in the field of medicine or technology is nothing short of astounding.  That. THAT is what WE as humans are capable of.

And when minds come together – work together – GREAT things are possible.  But are we doing enough to cultivate our minds? Or are we starving intellectually? Just as we need food to feed our bodies, we also need to feed ourselves intellectually, spiritually and emotionally.  All too often, I think we neglect the latter three.  We tend to brush aside those thoughts/ideas we have because we fear it might be just a silly notion but is it really? What if that silly notion was the missing link to another idea that someone else was working on but had overlooked? Sounds too simplistic but it happens. Ideas come from the strangest and most unlikely of sources.

This is something we need to constantly be aware of, especially when we are filled with self-doubt or  low-esteem.  When we think we have nothing to offer, we need to remember that from a mere seed, from one flickering thought – an amazing idea might grow into something much larger than we ever imagined.  That potential is there if only we’d nurture it and let it take us where it will.  Not every idea is going to be a winner, but even one idea – JUST ONE could be the spark of innovation that makes all the difference in the world.

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  1. Idea tag! I love it! That should somehow be incorporated into #reverb11, because I feel like that’s what we did!

    Also — you are so right. We have these great little sparks of ideas, and then let them die because we’re too self-conscious to stoke the fire. I have this problem all the time with my blog — it’s not the writing that’s hard for me, it’s deciding if the things I want to write about are good enough topics. Thanks for reminding me to give them the oxygen they need!

  2. Thanks, Noel! Write away. It IS hard sometimes I think but we have to remember to be true to ourselves and write what we feel and what strikes US otherwise, why write? Right?

  3. I think I need to read that. I am writing more with 750 words urging me along but on some days it is a struggle! I need my ideas to flow more richly and to write what I feel and not what I feel I SHOULD be writing. Thank you for this, Tracy.

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