Out of the Darkness

Coming Out of the Darkness

Coming out of a depression is not the easiest thing in the world to do.  It wasn’t until last week , a day or two after Christmas, that I felt myself emerge from my internal cave of darkness.  I really thought I was going to have to talk to a doctor about my mood. Until I read something that just “clicked” and once I put the words to practice, I felt better. I’m not saying this works for everyone, but it worked for me.

Right now, I’m super tired.  I can feel my body fighting off whatever sickness my daughter and my husband have, so my initial chipperness that I felt last week is a little subdued but not because I’m feeling down, so that’s a good thing. I did manage a 20 minute workout on Wednesday and plan to sneak one in today – after a short nap, I think.

Writing-wise, I am simmering. January, as I think I noted in a previous post, is my month to “get situated” for the rest of the year. I’m working on my foods that I can eat and not have a reaction to, I’m figuring out what projects I want to work on and what I can do to get my freelance writing business going as it is at a stand-still right now (my fault). I am also trying to finesse my workout plans and what I hope to accomplish this year.  And of course, I am reading, reading, reading as I thoroughly enjoy my new Kindle that my husband got me for Christmas.

I received my Berlitz Swedish in 60 Minutes audio cd yesterday and have been working on that. I plan to set aside time each morning to work on my Svenksa!

I miss the Reverb 10 daily prompts. I miss the focused writing and the daily accountability of it. Our little Reverb 10 community seems so disconnected now and that does sadden me a bit. But I am grateful for those I met online during the month of December and so happy that I now have them as friends.

Here’s hoping your day is a spectacular one and that you are all avoiding whatever sickness is in your neck of the woods.

Vi ses senare! (See you later!)

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  1. Ohhh! I know this one. Coming out of the darkness, the doldrums, used to happen to me on or about December 26th ?!? Not exactly sure why I escaped the December doldrums this year and last, but there you are.

    I’m glad you’re out of your “internal cave of darkness” – I’m sure there are awesome gifts in your darknesses as there are in mine, but it’s still lovely to out – right?

    Here’s to keeping up with those we met through Reverb10!!

  2. People have drifted a little now that Reverb10 is over, haven’t they? It is sad but I’M HERE! And I’m going nowhere.

    I wrote a post some time ago on my blog entitled Down Days which I think is exactly the same sort of mood as your dark times are. I’m with you, buddy. Sometimes it takes us a while to snap out of it.

    Good luck with the Swedish (I’m sure you’ll completely own it!) and with the workouts and eating plans – I’m doing the same and am experiencing sugar withdrawal already 🙁

  3. The trail-off from Reverb is why I’m doing these catch-up bouts with everyone. There’s something nice about reading a huge swath of posts at once, but it takes a long time. Damn it.

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