So I’ve been giving light thought to my plans for this new year.  And of course, I’ll be discussing them as I continue contemplating them. So far I have decided to finally get started learning the Swedish (Svenska) language – as my mother’s mother (my Grandma & her family) was from Sweden. I love the language and have always wanted to learn it.  My grandma used to read me the letters she received from family over there which were, of course, written in Svenska.

The other night we were watching “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” and hearing the steady stream of Svenska rekindled my desire to learn the language.  In the movie, they toasted one another and of course the word for toasting or “cheers” is “Skål”.  I suddenly remembered my Grandma used to say that when we were sitting around the kitchen table. She didn’t drink but she would raise her glass of milk and say, “Skål!”  I had forgotten that until hearing it the other night.

I’m excited. My mom had been to Sweden years ago and visited the church where my great-grandparents were married.  I hope that in a few years my mom, my uncle, my husband, child and I can travel there to see where we are from and likewise with Germany which is where my mom’s dad (Grandpa) was from.  Of course, I will need to learn German as well.  The only language I took in school was French as that was all that was offered.

Anyway, I am excited.  That is one of my goals for this year.  I ordered a book, just a basic primer on the language to get me started, and will work on the basics for now and then work my way up. I am hoping to get my mom into it as well so we can practice on one another.

That’s it for now. I’ll be adding to my list of course. I already have a pile of books lined up on Amazon that I want to get (nothing abnormal there!).

Today we are having company for dinner (no we are not eating THEM!).  I am making Sausage Rolls, Scalloped Corn, Chicken Biryani and Humpy Camel Juice.  It is in the single digits temperature-wise outside and sunny! The high today is supposed to get up to 16! I love Winter! No, really, I DO!  This is high-energy weather for me, my friends! It’s like a Peppermint Patty slathered all over your skin! It’s delightfully refreshing!

Have a terrific day! I raise my coffee to you and say, “Skål!!!”

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  1. Ah, this is so good. A nice, meaty, challenging, tangible goal for the New Year. This year I’m all about realistic challenges. And I know you can do this one. Skal!

  2. What a great post for the second day of 2011 — so full of energy. I’m more of a summer person myself, but I agree with you — there is so much energy to be found in a icy day, especially if the sun is magnified by very white snow.

    BTW, is that a new pic at the top of your blog? Love it!

    • Thanks all! Noel, YES! I picked a bunch of twigs when I was up North at Christmas and spelled out InkyTwig with them. It turned out rather cool, I think!

      I also want to learn Latin…it’s the word lover in me… 😀

  3. I love Winter! No, really, I DO! This is high-energy weather for me, my friends! It’s like a Peppermint Patty slathered all over your skin! It’s delightfully refreshing!

    You wouldn’t have any idea how a sun-lizard like me can learn to think this way, do you? ‘Cause it would be helpful where I live. Skål to you!

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