December 22 – Travel

How did you travel in 2010? How and/or where would you like to travel next year?

(Author: Tara Hunt)


Some people travel near and far. This year I traveled near, not far.

My travel was by car mostly and consisted of 75 mile trips up north to my mom’s house and my uncles’ which I try to do almost weekly. We were supposed to go to Montana to see family but that was cancelled the day before we were to leave. So no big road trips this year for us.  We did go down to Chicago (about 4 hours south) to see my “twin” for a weekend which was a lot of fun.

It’s harder to travel these days with my husband’s work schedule what it is.  My three-year-old travels well so that is not an issue.

I wish we could travel more. That will come.

Next year, we plan and hope to drive out to Montana to see Jess’ family in Helena, visit friends and our alma mater in Missoula. I am REALLY hoping to put together a reunion at the University of Montana with all our friends from college one of these visits out there. We haven’t been out to Montana since our daughter was six months old and we are just itching to see everyone.

Ultimately, we would love to someday go to Nepal and Outer Mongolia, Russia, Sweden, the Netherlands, etc… . We would love to visit everywhere we are able. And as I said, that will happen someday. Someday.

So, in the meantime, my method of travel is through the books I read!!

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  1. When I bought my new car this past month, my mother called it the end of my excuses not to come see her and my dad in Helena.

    Don’t forget that there are some awesome cities on this hemisphere, too. I love living in KC, and I think Chicago is probably the (second) greatest city I’ve ever seen.

    • LOL! Congrats on the new car!
      Oh, I know! 🙂 I have been all over the states. Love roaming about our country. My favorite big city is San Francisco – the people are amazingly kind and the city has a character you can sink your teeth into. We lived just outside DC for a while – loved that area too. New York is a blast. Missoula, MT is my spiritual home and I miss it dearly. We have a beautiful country I just want to see what else is out there. I haven’t been to Alaska or Hawaii or many of the southern states yet though… 🙂

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