Happy Thanksgiving!

The Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Menu
Two slices of buttered toast
Some pretzel sticks
Ice cream sundaes
Jelly beans!

We are starting a new tradition. This year, for fun – and because we are having our family Thanksgiving a little later when the uncles return from out west – we decided to have a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Even as a child I thought it would be such fun to sit down to a meal of ice cream, popcorn, jellybeans, etc… So this was our chance to do that and also to give our three-year-old a fun memory. I want to fill her life full of these type of moments. Isn’t that what living is truly about?

Everyone who knows me KNOWS the traditional Thanksgiving meal is one of my favorites to make. I find it to be fun and relaxing. It’s not hard, it’s all about preparation. But this year, it was nice to focus on other things, other than food – even IF we are suffering through a major sugar crash right now. It’s especially rough because we do not typically eat processed sugar products/candy.

It’s not about preparing a grand meal. It’s about the little things we are thankful for and for us, the Charlie Brown meal is just that. I’m ever so thankful for the look of joy sparkling in my little one’s eyes and hearing her giggle as I throw popcorn in the air and catch it in my mouth. We made naughty little sundaes with butterscotch syrup, fudge, Andes Mints, Creme de menthe syrup, cherries, ice cream and Redi-Whip. I know, I know, not great for the old “eating healthy” regimen but hey, it’s Thanksgiving. I’ll get back on the healthy train tomorrow. For today, it’s gluttony baby – a gluttony of thankfulness, sugar shock, laughter and love. I wish that for everyone.

I hope this Thanksgiving finds you and yours happy and surrounded by love and laughter!

Our Charlie Brown Thanksgiving 2010

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  1. So, I opened this in a tab earlier today when you sent me the link, but I never actually read it until now. OMG! What a wild idea. And that sundae… I mean, there are no words. I just want one. Maybe more than one.

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