Nine Years Ago…

Nine years ago tonight, my best friend and I got married in a small ceremony in the same church I was baptized as an infant. We had a second ceremony the following April so the rest of Jess’ family could attend (they are all in Montana). I loved it because I got to wear my fantastic wedding dress twice! The first time I had the train up in a bustle and the second time, the train was trailing behind me as I walked down the aisle escorted by my Uncle Ted and Uncle Tom (both times).

I didn’t stress like so many do on their wedding day. I just never saw the big deal about it. Don’t get me wrong, I had a blast planning my wedding but for me, a wedding is not about the pomp and circumstance of the event. It’s about two people who are pledging their lives to each other. That is what I focused on. Less is/was more. I had beautiful poinsettias – white and red and evergreen boughs set up in the church and my bouquet was red roses and baby’s breath. It was an evening ceremony and the atmosphere was touched by a light lilt of the holiday season. There was a hushed elegance about it. Simple – understated – just as I had always dreamed it would be and I loved it.

It’s hard to believe it has been nine years already. We still have just as much fun hanging out together as we did when we were dating. We met going to school at the University of Montana in Missoula – introduced by a mutual friend and my college roommate. I knew I would marry Jess on our second date when we came out of Zimorino’s in downtown Missoula and he suggested we skip across the street. And skip we did! I knew at that moment he was the one I would marry. Anytime someone can make fun of themselves, laugh at themselves and just be silly, that is a strong indication they can handle anything. Both of our families say we had to be made specifically for each other because we have so much in common and have so much fun together.

We aren’t the type to hang out in bars or the kind who need their “girls night out” or the “night out with the boys”. We never have been that way. We are just simply content with each other. Our idea of fun is a trip to the museum or a bookstore and then Starbucks for a cup of caffeine. At home, we are either working on the computers, reading, playing games, talking or watching Mystery Science Theatre or Gilmore Girls (dvd.) I can’t imagine my life any other way. We have an awesome three-year-old daughter who constantly amazes and delights us. I’m lucky and blessed. Happy Anniversary, Jess and thank you for choosing me. May the laughter never end.

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