There’s a moment right before you dive in to a new project where the crispness of the idea is exhilarating in its fresh perfume.  It’s before pen hits page or finger touches keyboard. It’s where the idea is still tucked inside the mind – just waiting to be uncorked and set free from its confines.  It’s pure. It’s unblemished. It’s yours and yours alone – like a fantastic secret the world has yet to be told and soon will – but for now, it’s just yours.  It’s the possibility of a novel – of a story.  It’s a map leading to anywhere and everywhere – you just have to choose your path.  That’s the moment – that sacred moment that leads to the creation of something incredible.  You just have to take that final step and commit it to the physical realm then step out into the light and see where the path you’ve chosen takes you.  It’s all about possibility.

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