Out of the Norm

Pumpkin Tree

Look! A pumpkin tree!  Who knew it was possible?  Actually, as you may have guessed, I placed the pumpkin there. Still, isn’t it a neat idea? Can you imagine pumpkins growing on trees?  Well, their weight might be problematic for the branches at some point.  So maybe it isn’t such a grand idea.  It’s the thought that counts, right? I mean if I can put a pumpkin in a tree and pretend it grew there, I can write a book, get it published and placed on bookshelves in bookstores, right?

I think one of the things I love about photography is the different visuals I see or imagine.  Contrasts, colors, textures, horizons, positions…there’s so much we miss unless we “see” it.  For me, this picture is part fun and part wishful thinking.  I love pumpkins.  Their color, their shape – everything about them makes me happy.  I delight in taking shot after shot of them in different positions and locations.

The wishful thinking of this shot is me wishing I could just insinuate myself into situations that delight me rather than tentatively stand in the background thinking and hoping.  I spend time setting up the shot – positioning the pumpkin and then click.  The picture is taken and after the exposure is toyed with a bit – colors brought out, details sharpened slightly, this is what is left.  If only it were always that simple!

Shouldn’t writing be the same way?  We spend time getting situated at our desks with the right pen and paper near the keyboard so we might jot down the necessary notes or thoughts.  We squirm around searching for the right position to sit – our cup of coffee set just to the right of the keyboard, far enough away so as not to be knocked over by clumsy hands yet close enough to sip as we lean back in our chairs and ponder what we are about to write.  Then, it is finally time to sit forward, put down the coffee and begin typing.  The ideas, the words flow from mind, down arm through hand and out the fingers to the keyboard into the computer, onto screen back to eyes, registering in the mind as words, sentences, paragraphs, pages, story.  There it is. What do we do with it? We can delete it  or save it –keep working on it until it is at last a finished project and then hopefully, ultimately, published, printed and bound then shipped out and placed on the shelves of bookstores everywhere. Like the pumpkin in a tree, we are taken out of our norm.  We have the book, our finished book, written by us and placed for others to “see” and hopefully read.  The pumpkin tree does exist – indeed!

Just some thoughts on this mid-September morn.  Have a good one!

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