The Writing Life

It’s not always an easy one-the writing life, that is.  It is sometimes grueling, often-times quite lonely but ever so rewarding when the muse works her magic.  We writers can be a touchy lot.  When the words aren’t flowing and nothing is working, life – well, let’s just say life sort of sucks.  If you’re anything like me, you feel lost and betrayed.  Something is not quite right because creatively, you’re all walled up. Believe me, it’s not fun.  It’s like being constipated.  Your body feels out of whack.  But when the creativity breaks free and starts flowing again, you feel reborn and invigorated.  There’s nothing quite like it. I call it Feng Shui of the body and mind.

I’ve heard some say there’s no such thing as writer’s block.  Maybe not for them.  But when the words aren’t coming and everything you put on the “page” is just one big blob of something or other, it’s hard to stay motivated.  It’s true that working through it – writing through the block – through the stagnation – can help get things moving once again but sometimes, for me anyway, it feels almost disingenuous.  Is it just me?  I feel like I’m betraying my creative soul.  It’s probably something I really need to get over.  But I wonder if anyone else feels the same?

The last few months, some may know it as Summer, were a low point creatively for me.  Then September came along with cooler temperatures in tow and suddenly I’m like a tree in spring when the sap begins to run after a long, hard winter. The words are flowing, the story is coming (albeit slowly) but the important thing is I am moving forward. Isn’t that what the writing life is, after all? Moving forward, writing down thoughts, feelings, ideas that in their own way help us to grow and branch out hopefully planting seeds of life and encouragement (something – anything) in those who read our words?

Happy Friday!  Now go out and enjoy your day!

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  1. Nice! It seems like your name should be Ulga! No idea why. I like this writing, it is very inciteful. Write more for us Ulga!

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