Spectacular Saturday

No, the leaves haven’t changed just yet.  It is a little early for that.  They are beginning to tinge slightly – of course it depends where you are.  Further north – in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, the color stain starts earlier.  But isn’t it beautiful when it does change each Fall?  A few days ago – on Facebook, I described Fall as a “kaleidoscopic effulgence of color”.  And indeed it is.

What I love about this picture that I took last Fall is the way it sort of captures what our imagination should be like – a polychromatic, vibrant place full of grand imperfection made perfect in its brilliant uniqueness.  Our minds are not perfect.  We each have these odd little quirks as to how we learn, what we see, what we imagine, how we imagine, how we process what we see and what we do with that information.  But despite how freaky our minds work – how imperfect they might appear to someone else – our minds are perfect in the fact that they are this amazing instrument – this remarkable and TRULY personal computer perched on this computer stand we call a neck.  How lucky we are and how easily we overlook it.  How sadly underused is our imagination – too much of the time?

Take some time to stimulate your mind – use that wonderful imagination – exercise it. Look at the clouds, look at a pile of beautiful leaves and see the beauty that is there OR the beauty that is there as your MIND sees it.  It’s not always one and the same.

Happy Saturday!

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