Word Count

Yes. I am doing it. I am diving back into the world of word counting – counting my words – being accountable – daily – for the words I write or do not write.  I need it.  I think I last kept track of my word count in April or May.  I just stopped.   I guess I was feeling that it wasn’t really doing me any good.  Truth is, I was just being lazy.  It did help me.  No, not the being lazy part, the part about word counting doing me any good.  It helped me to work towards something.  Yes, I  know that writing itself is actually working towards something but it isn’t if you aren’t writing or sitting yourself down in front of the computer and actually DOING the writing.  That is unless you have one of those magic keyboards or pens that does all the writing for you.  But if your brain isn’t in gear – if you aren’t actively participating in the creation of something then you aren’t really doing it, right?  Of course, this isn’t true for everyone.  Not everyone needs to track the number of words they write daily.  They just write.  I’m one of those who has to have a goal – not that finishing a novel or story isn’t a goal – but having a word count goal helps get me in the writing frame of mind that I need in order to achieve my ultimate goal of actually getting a story down.  I find it pushes me.  Only problem was I didn’t want to be pushed, so I quit.

If you look to the right side of my blog, you’ll see that I just put the “1000 words a day” word count badge back up.  This wonderful badge was created by Inkygirl – Debbie Ridpath Ohi – an amazing cartoonist and freelance writer whose work I adore.  You must check out her site!  Anyways, I am going to do my darnedest to adhere to 1000 words a day or more.  More is always better but the goal is to get something down daily.  Work those muscles that I have allowed to atrophy.  The same goes for my physical workouts.  I stopped running and weightlifting and a lot of good that has NOT done me.  But it is a new day.  It is a new week.  It is fresh with no mistakes in it as one of my favorite characters in a book once said.  Thank goodness for that!

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