Put On Your Scarf and WRITE!

Grab a hat. Grab a scarf.  Put something on you don’t normally wear any other time and don it when you sit down to write.  Make it a special occasion – a date with your computer or notebook.  Just do it.  Put on that makeup if that is your thing. Act like you are actually going to an important meeting.  Because really – you are.  Yes. You are.  Every time you sit down to write – to create – you are meeting with yourself to accomplish a task.  You might not have to answer to a board or a committee but you have some THING, some ONE much more important to answer to – YOU!  No more hesitation.  No more fear.  Define your space.  Define you.  Be who you are meant to be and do what you are meant to do.  Whether it is writing, painting, talking, arranging, organizing – whatever – it IS important and it is meaningful.  The heck with what anyone else thinks anymore.  If it matters to you – if it is important to you, then it matters. PERIOD.  PUT ON YOUR SCARF AND WRITE!  😀

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