Summer’s Twilight


It’s nearing the end of August.  Another Summer is seeping away and Autumn, sweet, wonderful Autumn is waiting in the wings to make its entrance.  I know Summer isn’t officially over until September 22nd but as August fades into blackness and kids head back to school, Summer feels over.  The gardens are heading into their final stage of productivity – unless you have your root plants you keep into the colder months.

I, myself, am reinvigorated and hopeful.  You all know Summer is just not my time of the year I enjoy.  My husband and my toddler are the same way.  My two – almost three year old keeps asking, “Is it snow time yet?” as she shuffles from her room wearing her winter boots, stocking hat and scarf.

I want to go up north for a few weeks and stay at the Uncles with my little girl.  She can run around outside all she wants. I can take tons of pictures and write,  which I love to do,  and we can just “BE IN THE MOMENT”.  My husband can come up on weekends – maybe take a day or two off…  I just want to revel in this Fall.  I want us to build huge leaf piles and then fall into them.  I want to soak up the heat of the sun as a brittle breeze slaps my face.  I want to sit in the middle of the garden and listen to the crackling rattle of corn stalks as they clattle in the wind.  Yes, I may have created a new word.  Correct me if I have not.  It’s a combination of clatter and rattle – at least to me.  I want us to play hide and seek in the corn then enjoy mugs of hot cocoa with marshmallows or hot cider as we sit by a roaring fire as evening settles over the land.

I miss spending time with my uncles – as in stay out at the farm – in the loft where I used to sleep when I lived with them for a while.  It’s incredibly peaceful.  I don’t spend as much time as I should out there or as much as I would like.  It would be good for them and for their grand-niece to spend more quality time with them – not to mention drive them a little nuts – in a good way!

Well, I’m slowly coming out of my state of hibernation.  I can feel the blood pumping more vigorously through my veins and I can smell the season of pumpkins from here.  Let me tell you, it smells delightful!

Here’s to Summer’s twilight and the beautiful burgeoning season of Autumn!  So long August-until next year.  HELLO, September!

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    • Hey Lil! I grew up there. My mom was born there. It’s lovely. I am so excited for September. It is the wonder season – about to begin!

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