Saturday – Penzeys, Starbucks, Pizza & Tea

I love a Saturday that includes a trip to my favorite spice store – Penzeys.  I love that I can open a sampler jar of the various spices and savor each delicious scent as I shop.  So many to choose from – so many I want.  I bought white pepper for the first time today after hearing several people remark how wonderful it is in comparison to black pepper.  Most of what I bought was refills for my dwindling supplies.  I made Ancho Lentil Soup with Grilled Pineapple yesterday and used up the rest of my Ancho Chili Pepper in the process.  Yes, I love to cook and having the ultimate in cooking spices and herbs at my disposal is crucial.  Once you discover Penzeys, you’ll never buy your spices anywhere else again.  I promise.  It’s nearly impossible to shop there and leave with only a couple things (unless the pocketbook dictates otherwise).  So beware – if you ever go to Penzeys – you might fall into a spice trance and maniacally try to buy up everything you see.  LOL.  Pace yourself.

Next stop – The Brother’s Three Pizza.  They finally have a little place down by us.  The Brother’s Three Pizza is a restaurant up north that I grew up going to.  Their pizza is my favorite of all pizzas.  You could blindfold me and make me taste a slew of different pizzas and I would be able to pick out The Brother’s Three pizza every time.  They don’t skimp on their toppings.

Then of course, we had to stop at my favorite Starbucks on Northland Avenue.  It’s my favorite because I know the baristas.  They are incredibly friendly and the atmosphere is light and fun.  I got my New York Times, some pastries for tomorrow’s breakfast, a Java Chip Frappuccino with Mint and a Doppio Con Panna for my husband.

I was delighted to return home and find my order from Republic of Tea had arrived.  I ordered a 20 ounce tea carafe and some blood orange and cinnamon black tea – otherwise known as the Eat Love Pray Tea – Limited Edition. Yes, I know. I am a dork.  But the tea is delicious.  I’m on my second pot of it. Just found out from their site that it is SOLD OUT already.  So much for ordering another can of it.  I’ll have to see if I can make my own blend. I’m not a huge tea person, but this one is really nice.

Wow.  This is a boring post.  I normally don’t do the whole step-by-step-take-you-through-my-day type post yet here I am.  Maybe I am just trying to get the cobwebs out of my head.  It reads more like an advertisement for all these places I went. LOL.

So anyways, this is my Saturday so far.  We are downstairs on our computers.  We’re listening to the new Arcade Fire cd – The Suburbs.  Very good.  The pumpkin is watching Sprout on television.  I’m sure we’ll play some Yahtzee and watch a movie or two tonight.  Hopefully I will get some crits and some writing done.  I need to get back into my creative phase again.  Here’s hoping!

Hope all of you are having a peaceful, relaxing Saturday.  🙂

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  1. I loved hearing about your day, friend! 🙂 Thank you for all the detail. Glad you’re having a good Saturday. We are, too. We had family pictures this morning. We got lost so we missed our 10:20 appt and had to reschedule for noon. To fill the time, we went out for a bite to eat. After pictures, we came home and . . . all of us napped! It was heavenly!
    Lovin’ the little things,

  2. Hey you! Thanks! Can’t wait to see the new pics! I could use a nap now myself. Jess has been working a lot of weekends so when he does have a full weekend off, it is heaven. Hugs!

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