The Simplicity of Summer

Sometimes we forget that the simplest of things can have the biggest impact.  Summertime is a good example of simplicity. Biting into a big old slice of juicy watermelon on a hot summer day, sipping fresh lemonade while sitting on the porch swing or cool refreshing dips in the lake when the temperatures are sweltering.  I do enjoy the cooler months of the year, but Summer brings to mind some wonderful childhood memories that I wouldn’t trade for anything.  Summer is the season for children.  It is the season of fun and frolic.  For me as an adult, those times are few and far between although I am looking forward to recreating that magic for my little girl.

As a child, I spent most of my summer days with my grandma – my mom’s mom.  They were magical days of mud coffee, (non-drinkable, of course) riding my bicycle around the farm, eating fresh peas straight from the garden and Grandma’s peanut butter cookies.  The first cookie was always mine.  She would make it on my Uncle Ted’s old Army plate.  It was always huge – about six inches in diameter or so and it was delicious.  We would watch her “stories” (soap operas) while she brushed my hair then we would spend time in the garden or out in the yard.  Time with her was always wonderful.  It was simple and lovely.  I miss her so.

It’s often that way with the best of times though – simplicity.  Nights by the campfire – on family pack trips in the Bob Marshall as a child and even when I worked as a cook up there.  Snowshoeing on Christmas Eve just before Christmas dinner as the moon rises to its perch in the sky.  It truly is the simple things that mean the most and what matter.  Too often we forget that.  Too often we don’t allow ourselves the pure joy of simplicity.  Sink into it.  Give in to its embrace – its caress – be lulled in to a peaceful zen-like state and enjoy.

Have a wonderfully simplistic day!

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  1. Your words are so true! I loved the images your words created in my mind. And what’s with “stories?” My gramma called them that too! In honor of her, I still call them that! 🙂 I have my stories (actually just one that I can’t really follow because I work), my cases (People’s Court), and my programs (everything else I watch on a regular basis). So if you call me sometime, I might be deeply involved in my stories, cases, or programs! 🙂

    Enjoy the simplicity of this blessed day, my friend!

  2. Hey Char! We watched, Y&R, As the World Turns and Guiding Light. Of course, GL is no longer on and ATWT is about to go off the air so I will only have Y&R. I TiVo them and mostly speed through the stories I don’t care for and only watch the segments I like. LOL. But I watch because for some reason it helps me feel close to Grandma. The same actors are on there that were on when she was alive. Maybe that is why? Thank you so much for the response. I hope things are going well wit you and you have a blessed day as well! Take care!

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