Where Do You Go?

Where do you go when you write?   Do you become deliciously lost?  If your mind were a snow globe, what would we see?  What would flutter around, swirling and dancing within?  I know what mine would show.  It would be an autumnal scene, hues rich in orange, red, yellow and brown with scattering leaves twirling and swirling as they flit to the ground.  Brittle corn stalks rattle and prattle, whispering secrets amongst themselves as they shiver and quiver in the garden.

That’s what imagery I tend to conjure in my mind.  As you can tell, I like Fall.

When I write – when I truly write – when everything around me disappears and all I see is what is in front of me, I am like a kid running around in a cornfield, losing myself in a natural maze.  It’s a delicious moment.  I say moment because when you are in the “zone” time just flies by.  Two hours seem like a blink of an eye.  It’s an out-of-body experience and what’s more – and this is the best part – is that you have before you – words on the page – advancement – forward progression! At least we hope we do!

Where did we go?  We might not actually have a location we can pinpoint, but we definitely went “somewhere” without even getting up.

Where do you go when you write?  What imagery dances around in your mind most of the time or even part of the time?

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