Empty Your Mind

I like that thought.  On the drive home from up north on Sunday, I was reading something that contained the phrase, “empty your mind” and it stuck in my head.  Oh! By the way, don’t worry, I was not the one driving the car – just in case you were wondering! LOL!  Anyway, I wrote the phrase down on a piece of paper and stuck it in my bag because I thought I might want to write about it.

Sometimes my mind fills to overflowing with a little of this and a little of that and much of it is just superfluous junk that need not be there.  How often do we empty our minds.  How often do we allow ourselves to sit back, recline, close our eyes and just be in the moment – letting the warmth of the summer sun seep into our souls, feel the whisper of the breeze caress our skin and inhale the deliciousness of  all that is around us?

More often than not, my mind is just not in the right “space” for writing, reading or creating in general.  But I found that something as simple as smudging my home and workspace with sage can really settle my mind.  Plus it smells so nice!  I’m not saying that will work for everyone, but it works for me.  It stills my thoughts and allows me to focus.  I don’t need to do this every time my mind overflows.  Sometimes a good workout, like a short run or a walk helps.

The important thing is to allow ourselves a few moments each day or whenever necessary to empty our minds.  Even at work – in the midst of chaos – emptying the mind is just what we need and it should not be ignored.  It seems to me that I’ve needed to do a lot of that lately – more than usual.  Perhaps it is why I like photography so much.  I look back on the pictures I take – many of them are of nature scenes and flowers.  They have this ability to transport my mind.  Oprah has a section in her magazine called “Breathing Space” or something like that and that is what my pictures do for me.  I post them up where I can see them and use them as a focal point.  It’s another great way to refocus the “lenses” (if you will) of our mind.

It’s crucial to the creative mind to not allow it to become backed up.  I know that it sounds almost contradictory to my post about “Writer’s Fat” but really, it’s not.  We aren’t just writers.  We are moms, dads, wives, husbands, workers, students – people with other things going on in our lives.  And sometimes our “real life” can overtake our writing life – every day problems can get in the way of our creativity.  That is when we MUST stop and empty our minds – if but for just a moment so that we can catch our breath and move on.  Honor our minds.  Protect them.  Empty them when need be, then go forth and be creative!

Happy Summer Solstice!

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