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Red Brilliance

I took this picture up at my uncles’ – the farm.  Poppies are such vivid flowers.  There aren’t as many of them in the flower bed as there used to be.  But the few that still bloom are every bit as beautiful.  The perimeter of the yard is made up of peonies, tulips, bluebells, irises, tiger lilies, poppies and a few golden rod bushes.  So there is a constant feast of color throughout the summer.

The “farm” as we call it, is no longer a working farm – ever since a tornado destroyed the barn many years ago (before my time) but it is a beautiful plot of land that my grandpa’s parents settled.  I always find such peace and comfort when I spend time out there. Jess and I will retire to “the farm” someday and it is something I hope to keep it in my family forever – if possible.

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