My Need for Comfort Today

Fireside Coffee

I’m in dire need of things of comfort today. For me that includes Fireside Coffee, anything pumpkin-scented, a nice warm stew, my Grandma’s afghan and curling up next to my little girl as we watch “Anne of Green Gables”. Last night was emotionally draining for me due to the company we had over for dinner. Not the fact that we had company – but rather the people who were over. One of them is an emotional vampire. And I was sucked dry. So today, I need to just veg and collect myself. Hopefully I’ll get some writing done. Lord knows I need to.

I hope everyone else out there protects themselves from emotional vampires. Keep negative people far far away. Whether they are related to you or not. It is not worth it. Always protect you and your loved ones first.

So here’s to things of comfort – those special things that warm our souls – that spread a glow of peace and safety throughout our body and mind. Here’s to finding comfort in the little things when the big things get in the way.

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  1. Ah, yes. Emotional vampires. I know them well. Good for you for recognizing that you need to take care of yourself. That is most excellent! And as for future contact, boundaries are our friends!

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