Expanding My Space

Not as in “I’m expanding my house” but rather, how am I opening myself up and the space around me to include others, include new ideas, improve myself or perhaps make someone else’s life a little better?

Maybe we don’t even realize we are doing it.  But I think we definitely know when someone else is impacting our own lives.  Too often we focus inward – on our own problems and that is normal. But sometimes, I think we do it to our own demise.  Sometimes focusing on others and giving of ourselves is the one way we can elevate our own situation emotionally as well as benefit another person.

There are many ways to expand one’s space.  It is entirely up to each individual how or what that expansion is.  I think the key point is to ponder the whole question of  how am I expanding my space or even whether any space expansion is taking place at all.

I like to think I am expanding my space in some small way when I write on my blog(s), when I communicate with my fellow writer’s forum friends or on Twitter and Facebook.

Sometimes I am not expanding at all but rather shrinking within myself as I close myself off from others.  This is usually when I am feeling particularly vulnerable and self-conscious.  I have my down days.  Days where I just do not want to deal with anyone outside my own family.  I admit, it’s not always the healthiest thing.  But, sometimes my best writing comes from those times.  The danger is when I allow myself to wallow in that mood for too long.  Then it becomes all to easy to continue down the self-consuming track of depression or whatever it is you want to call it.  I forget that my own moods and my own desire to shut down affects those around me and not necessarily in a good way.

Much like the ripples we see on a pond or lake that expand across the water – so do we when we expand ourselves.  The way we live and how we live does ripple over onto those around us.

However we choose to look at it, I hope you are expanding your space and that maybe you’ll think about it if you have not previously.  There’s so much out there for us to take hold -to see, learn, do and experience. Most importantly – to LIVE.

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