This is the United States of America. Remember That.

So what’s next?  Will we be told we cannot fly the American flag on Cinco De Mayo?  I find it incredible that suddenly the flag our OUR country is considered offensive such as the case when five students at a California school wore clothes with the American flag on them.  Apparently, it offended some Hispanic students and the boys were told to turn their clothes inside out or go home.  Yes, it was Cinco De Mayo and who knows exactly WHY the kids wore the clothes on that day but regardless, it is their choice.  They were not wearing racist clothing, they were not wearing vulgar sayings emblazoned on their clothes.  They were wearing the American colors of red, white and blue.

I’m sick to death of those preaching tolerance who fail to extend the same courtesy back to those with whom they differ.  Be proud of your heritage, YES, but never forget that we are all AMERICANS.  No matter WHAT nationality, color, creed, orientation or gender, we are all AMERICANS.  We must emphasize the fact that we are a nation united.  We MUST get to a point where we are blind to all these differences that keep separating us.  If people want acceptance, then BE accepting. It IS a two-way street. It requires two sides working together.

I am most concerned with the precedent this sets for the future.  I refuse to feel or be ashamed of my country, THIS country, the United States of America.  It has provided opportunity after opportunity for those seeking a better life and yet the very ones who hungrily grab for it and are able to make something of their lives because of it turn and spit at the very country who helped them.  Don’t be ashamed of your culture or your heritage.  Celebrate it!  Enjoy it!  We have the best of both worlds in this country.  The BEST of both worlds.  Realize that.  It is the combination of our combined ethnicities and beliefs that makes us one of the most unique and awesome places to live.

I think celebrations such as Cinco De Mayo are wonderful but they should not ever, ever force us to negate the fact that this is still the United States of America and that to be an American IS a wonderful thing.

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  1. These administrators should be fired immediately. This was blatant anti-American and free speech suppressing activity. It was political and utterly disgraceful to have happen on American soil! How ridiculous!

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