Are You a “Gardener of the Spirit”?

“Help us to be ever faithful gardeners of the spirit, who know that without darkness nothing comes to birth, and without light nothing flowers.”

~ May Sarton – born this day in 1912.

Actually, we all are.  At least in some way or another.  Some of us have a green thumb when it comes to being a “gardener of the spirit” while others – not so much.  Some sow gardens of selfishness and ill-will while others tend to gardens of love, encouragement and vitality.  What we reap depends on the type of seeds we sow.  It’s a lot like Karma, isn’t it?

When I think of a “Gardener of the Spirit” I think of someone who is kind and looks after those around them.  Who unselfishly gives of themselves and seeks to spread happiness and cheer to those standing in the shadows of sadness and doubt.  Of course it encompasses much more than that.  But it is a great thought or question to ask oneself every day, “What sort of gardener am I?”

We can be gardeners of the spirit through the written word – in the things we write and say or in the music we compose and sing.  We can be gardeners of the spirit in every capacity of life.  What we do and what we say affects all those around us.  No one is perfect but it is important to realize that what we do and WHO we are DOES matter because the results of our actions impact someone somewhere.

The wonderful thing is we can CHOOSE what sort of gardener we want to be.  We can choose to be a Gardener of Doom and Gloom who plants seeds of negativity and hurt or we can be a Gardener of the Spirit who seeks to sow seeds of positivity, love, kindness and humanity.   Imagine the type of garden that would bloom when you plant those type of seeds!  The possibilities are endless.

Go out and be a true Gardener of the Spirit and plant those seeds today.  It’s not too late get your garden started.  This is one garden that will grow regardless of the growing season and weather.  It is a perpetual garden – one that is uniquely yours and one that everyone can enjoy.  What you plant and how you plant it is entirely up to you.

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