Happy May Day!

Welcome May!

Welcome May!  The winds are gusting yet it is delightfully beautiful today.  The sky was cloudless for a while but now the clouds have made their presence known.  It feels like rain is on the way but the forecast is not calling for it at this point.  My wind chimes are dancing joyously – tickling my ears with their music.  It is the first day of May, a new month, a brand new day with no mistakes in it.  I am confident that I will get myself back on track writing wise even though it seems like I have been saying this over and over for a while now.  There’s just something about the start of a new month that reinvigorates the soul and mind.  Summer is coming into view.  Cookouts, swimming, lazy summer days are so close I can taste  it!

What are your plans for this summer?  Any big trips or family vacations?  We’ll be staying close to home, but that’s fine.  There’s plenty to do and family nearby.  My two-year-old makes things all that much more fun and enjoyable as we watch her take in more of her surroundings every day and ask endless questions as to what every thing is, what it does and how it works.

Here’s to the month of May.  May you find a parcel of time to lay back on a grassy hill on a warm sunny day and find a magical world up in the clouds.  We are never too old to find the magic and wonder of the world around us. Enjoy it!

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