Dreaming In Ink Writers Workshop – Come Join Us!

If you are looking for a good crit group/writers workshop, Dreaming In Ink has 11-13 openings!

The basic purpose of Dreaming In Ink Writers Workshop is to help writers grow as writers, even if they are not seeking publication. To achieve this purpose we hope to provide the following:

» a safe place for writers to post their work, questions and opinions

» a small workshop environment where members won’t be lost because of a large number of participants

» a workshop where members can give and receive feedback and discuss their writing

» information and resources on writing and publishing

» an open discussion about writing in all its aspects
Writers at all levels are welcome. All genres are welcome. Our only concern is that members must be at least 18 and high school graduates since we do not have the ability to keep a file of COPPA forms.

Membership requirements: 2 crits of 250 words (or more!) per month. That’s it!

So come and check us out! Dreaming In Ink

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