As April Draws to a Close…

A Different Perspective

Can you believe it is almost May already?  Where is this year going?  I feel like I am way behind right now – in terms of writing and my quest to “positivize” my life.  Yes, I like making up words and bending them to my will although I don’t think I’m the first one to use “positivize”.  Anyway, no looking back.  There is only forward and I am on that track.

Summer is nearly here and yet I feel like I’m still in “Winter” mode.  April is the month where any type of weather is possible.  It’s a teaser month, really.  One day it’s 60’s/70’s and the next, it’s a blustery 34 degrees.  I would love to throw open the windows right now but since everyone is mowing their lawns at the same time lately, I can’t.  My sinuses will not allow me to torture them any more than they already are.

I took down the 1000 words a day badge a few weeks ago but on May 1st, I plan to put it back up and fully commit myself to 1000 words a day.  I know there will be some days where that is impossible – when I am up North helping in the garden- but I will try my best to get those words in at night before I hit the sack.  I need to push myself and get back into the writing groove I had in March.

I’m also trying to “still myself” and just be in the moment – not allow the mess to get to me that my two-year-old makes right after I clean the house.  I think I allow my mind to zero in on everything BUT my writing and that is not good.  I just need to be oblivious to the mess and chaos (but not my two-year-old, obviously).

So here I am, raising my coffee mug to you, my wonderful readers.  Here’s to the month of May, just four days away!  May we all find that “stillness” we need and the ability to positivize our lives.

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