Catching Up

It’s Monday once again.  If all had gone as planned, we’d be in Montana right now with my husband’s family.  But it was not meant to be – at this time.  Friday, the day before we were set to leave for Montana, my husband’s employer suddenly told us they would not pay him full vacation pay.  When I say suddenly, I am not exaggerating.  It was lovely of them to wait until the last moment to tell us this.  I don’t have a lot of kind things to say about them right now.

Yes, I KNOW.  I KNOW that I should be thankful my husband is working and YADA YADA YADA.  I get that.  I don’t try to fit into anyone else’s shoes and I don’t expect others to try to fit inside mine.   I realize others have it much tougher and that I have really no right to complain.  But this is what is going on in my life right now.

We are over it really.  I prefer to think that it was not meant to be at this time and something else will come up making it possible for us to see his family for more than just one week.

We had a nice weekend.  Now I need to sit down and get back into my writing. I’ve been badly neglecting it for the last month.  Too much going on and I know I am rehashing.  My two-year-old has been fractious lately. She hasn’t been feeling the best and the “terrible two’s” are in full swing.   It’s lovely, I must say.

I am on my third week of my new “way of eating”.  I had been talking with my doctor about why it is I can work out like crazy, eat really healthy and still not lose any weight.  (I posted this on my other blog on Live Journal.)

My doctor told me that considering my high triglycerides – which make no sense other than it runs in my family – and some other characteristics, that I might have insulin resistance (Metabolic Syndrome).  So after researching the heck out of it and talking with my doctor, I have cut out all starches from my diet – all potatoes, breads, rice, pastries – basically anything with wheat or flour (starch).  They are not a necessary ingredient in our food supply.  I’ve cut out processed sugar as well.

Since I started doing this, I’ve dropped six pounds and several inches in just a week and a half.  My clothes are getting really loose.  I feel better, I have more energy and I wake up very alert and ready to go.  When I say I feel better, I mean I have NEVER felt this good.  I am eating meat (elk/venison/chicken), vegetables and fruit – as much as I want as well as nuts and other natural foods.  The thing about eating this way is that even though you can eat as much as you want, it isn’t very much because you fill up quickly and feel satisfied longer.  My system (body) is running really well.

I am not saying this way of eating is for everyone.  What we think is that my body cannot handle the starches or rather, cannot metabolize them efficiently if at all.  I am still working out every day and moving as much as I can.  But I think I have figured out what I need to do to feel better and lose weight finally.  I do not miss bread or starchy foods.  I was not and am not looking for a quick fix or trying to find excuses.  I just want to figure out what is going on with my body.  The dark circles under my eyes are going away as well which I am really thrilled about.

Again, I am not advocating that everyone should do this. I am only saying that this works for me.

So that is what has been going on with me lately.  I know I need to get back to updating my blog more regularly.  Hopefully I will have fewer interruptions so that I can get back to doing what I love.

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