Updates & New Additions!

I haven’t been writing much, that’s been established.  There has been too much going on and it has been keeping me away from the computer almost entirely.  My dad has been here for the last four days or so building a deck off the back of our house!  Usually it doesn’t take him this long but we’ve had rain and other issues but the deck is now finished and all that is left is the step which if the rain holds off, we’ll be building today.  I will post pictures soon.  It is strange to think a few days ago, there was nothing out our patio door but our lawn and now we have an 8 x 12 foot deck!

Since we moved into our house five years ago, a deck was perhaps the one thing I wanted more than anything.  I envision many a morning or evening sitting out on the deck writing while I sip some iced or hot tea.  What is nice is I am finally starting to envision what I would like to do with the rest of our yard.  I love the Boxwood Shrub.


One of my favorite places to visit when we lived near Washington, DC was Mount Vernon.  The paths around the grounds are lined with Boxwoods.  They have a wonderful almost “coffee-like” fragrance.  At least, that is how they smell to me.  They grow slowly but they are really pretty.  I have one in our front yard.  They are relatively cheap as Home Depot sells them for just under $7.

Anyways, I am thinking of planting the Boxwood around the outside of the deck.  I think they will add a nice contrast and smell nice as well.

I would also like to build a raised garden in the corner of our yard.  There would be four “boxes” about 5 x 5 with a crushed stone walkway between them.  These are things we will be doing slowly, but it is still fun to plan nonetheless.

Other than that, I’ve been cooking, cleaning and trying to catch up on laundry.  By the time evening rolls around, I’m beat and writing is the last thing on my mind.  I feel guilty about it but I know I’ll get back to it soon.  We have to go out to Montana to see family soon.  I will not be able to get online much at all for about a week.  I will be writing though – as much as I can!

I think the one thing I am most upset about (with myself) is that it is National Poetry Month and my plan was to write a poem a day throughout the month.  I have not done that. I’ve written several poems, but I am so far behind on the daily poetry write that I fear I will be unable to catch up.

Sorry this is a disjointed post.  It is indicative of my mind right now.  There’s a lot weighing on my mind and once I clear that out, I’ll be fine.  I just wanted to check in and say hi and let you all know I’m still here.  Please don’t stop checking in. I’ll try to post here and there as I can even from the road in a few weeks!  Perhaps I’ll post a picture or two and have you try to guess where it was taken. 🙂

That’s all for now.  Pictures of our deck will be posted either tonight or tomorrow!  I am excited to see what you think.  Keep in mind it isn’t stained or anything like that.  We’ll be doing that later this summer.  I’m thinking a natural stain or maybe hot pink? Just kidding – on the hot pink.

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