Remembrance & Reflection

So much we do not stop to think about from time to time even though it is there, every step of the way as we go about our lives.  We see it, we use it, we “need” it and yet we are all too blind to it even though it is staring us right in the face.  I’m talking about energy and all that goes into keeping us going as a society.  May we stop for a moment to remember those who work day in and day out – tirelessly and in a very dangerous job.  And especially today, may we pause to remember those who just lost their lives in a West Virginia mine .   I cannot imagine what their loved ones are going through.

In another part of the world, far removed from our everyday lives except for that which we see or read in the news or are directly impacted by as families of soldiers serving overseas, one wonders if there will ever be an end to the war in Iraq? The formation of a stable government appears to be at a stalemate for now according to former Intern Prime Minister of Iraq, Ayad Allawi.  This is in response to the most recent set of explosions killing 49 and wounding more than 160 people Tuesday morning.  Let us not forget all those men & women who are fighting and dying so that others may be free.  Let us remember those who are being killed or injured in the crossfire and pray that an end to all this violence comes quickly.

Eastern India is dealing with its own set of problems as Maoist rebels kill 60 soldiers in Dantewada.

State of Chhatisgarh, India

While we are complaining about just how difficult our lives are here in this wonderful country – the United States of America, remember those who aren’t so fortunate – who have to struggle and fight just for their right to live and exist every single day.

We may have our own set of problems, but we are free.  We have it good and we should be thankful for all we do have rather than constantly fret about the things we don’t. This isn’t to say we do not have many of our own who are suffering in some way.  It is not meant to delegitimize their pain or suffering.  I think though, that all too often, we forget just how comfortable our lives are (in general) compared to those in other areas of the world who don’t even stand a chance at life.

Just some things to think about today.

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