Writing is “Me Time”

As selfish as it sounds, the few precious moments I get to sit down and write are just that, precious.  The last two weeks have been busy ones for me.  With the weather getting warmer and the days longer, I find myself distracted.  Not in a bad way, after all, I’ve been spending time outside with my little one and enjoying that time.  But I’ve also realized more than ever just how important my writing is to me and how much I’ve missed diving back into the worlds of the characters I create and the outlet that writing provides me.

I need to remind myself that is a matter of finding balance.  It’s about being a mommy, a wife, getting the housework done, finding time to exercise as well as writing and cooking meals, without going crazy or feeling guilty.

Here’s to finding that precious time to ourselves – whether it is writing, taking a candle-lit bath, reading or taking a nap.  Here’s to honoring ourselves and to understanding that it is not bad thing.

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