Sources of inspiration come from everywhere and when you least expect it!  Once again, in the shower this morning, another idea for a poem hit me upside the head.  It had everything to do with the shampoo I was using.  My mom has this coconut scented shampoo and the smell of it sent my mind spiraling backwards in time to my childhood.  The memories associated with the smell of coconut are good and of one person in particular  – a family member I love dearly. Yes, I am being vague but you seriously don’t expect me to spill all before I’ve had  a chance to write the poem do you?  You’ll just have to wait!

Last week, at home, the same thing happened to me in my own shower. It had nothing to do with smell though, I think.  Although, I have this organic shampoo that reminds me of my grandma’s flower garden, so maybe that was what did it for me.

The first line came to me out of the blue and the poem just fell out of me from there.  I’m still working on it and will have it finished soon, I hope.  I’m taking my time with it and letting it seep onto the page – so to speak – at its own pace.

The sense of smell is a powerful sense indeed.  Just one whiff of something acts like a time machine of sorts, sending us back to a moment in time, good or bad and filling us full of memories from that particular moment.  For me, the smell of oranges – as I peel them – reminds me of packed lunches, riding out of the Bob Marshall Wilderness on horseback and stopping for lunch on the side of the mountain or near a lake for a bite to eat.  For just a moment, I am there and it is nice.

Mothballs remind me of my grandma.  I love the smell of mothballs – not that I go around sniffing them.  It’s just that the scent of them is tied to wonderful memories of my mother’s mom and the old farmhouse where Grandma lived and where I spent my childhood.

What smells are particularly powerful for you?  Do you ever “enlist” their help when it comes to creativity?  If you haven’t tried it, you should.  You never know what could come of it.

I hope you all have a great weekend.  May you be perpetually inspired and driven to mad bouts of creativity!

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  1. Scent is the most powerful of triggers, and probably the hardest to protect yourself from – although, in your case it’s not really protection you’re looking for. Enjoy the writing, after all it’s the best part!

  2. While in the shower some people imagine being at the opera; others imagine writing great stories.

    I had to chuckle when I read this article because I have shower epiphanies, too. Thankfully they do not involve singing because no one would appreciate my talents in that area.

    I also have to agree that besides shower epiphanies, smells can be one of the most inspiring of muses. When I smell cinnamon I cannot help but remember Dad bringing home a bushel of apples in the autumn. My mother and grandmother would set aside an entire day and make pies. They would then be frozen so we could enjoy them all winter. The ironic aspect of this is that I was not tall enough to peek over the edge of the table to actually see them at work. I could only SMELL their handiwork.

    Anyway, thanks for making me recall that this morning. It brings back many happy memories.

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