United States of Hate, Finger Pointing and Ignorance

Life is sure changing.  Common sense seems to be harder and harder to come by.  We keep losing sight of the important things.  We keep cutting off our nose to spite our face. How will it affect us in the end?  Will this all come back to bite us when we least expect it?  Horrible events like Columbine, 9/11, and the Virginia Tech attack have done much to change the way we view the world and the people around us.  It’s put us on alert, made us even more skeptical and closed off from one another.

Hate is gaining momentum and it makes no sense.  Does it ever?  Now there are recent internet postings threatening another attack on Virginia Tech. What is going on? WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE WHO THINK OF THIS?

Look at the social and political stratification that just keeps getting worse.  We are supposed to be the UNITED States of America and yet we are becoming increasingly estranged.  Look at Washington.  Look at what is happening within our own political parties-all the finger pointing and fighting.  It’s disheartening and yet, we do nothing about it.  We keep voting the same people back into office year after year after year. WHY?  Because we recognize their names on the ballot? Because they are good looking? Because they spent the most money on their campaign?

Seriously, why? We are fat, lazy and stupid thanks to the over-saturated diet of  info-junk streaming through the television and into our homes.  We believe everything we hear and see and fail to take the time to find out for ourselves what the truth is.  We fail to learn the issues and how they impact us.  Instead we get pissed off because so and so said this person is a Communist and so and so said this person is a Right-Wing Nut Extremist.  We label, we judge, we believe and we hate.

And, rather than deal with our anger and frustration over what is going on in this country, we react without thinking.  We react through violent means-violent intentions and we breed hate.  What are we teaching our children?  Regardless of how a person feels about President Obama, what this Rhode Island teacher did is WRONG. It was wrong when they did it to Sarah Palin and it is wrong in this case as well.  Seriously, is it EVER okay to hang someone in effigy? I think not.

Things that were innocent and not even regarded as remotely disruptive are now things that are being banned in school. Take for instance, hugging. Students at a Portland, Oregon middle school may no longer engage in hugging. This is not the first time I’ve heard of such a ban but it still puzzles me. In this case, apparently hugs were used to intimidate and embarrass other students.  Terrific.  I never thought I would see the day where something as wonderful and warm as a hug would be viewed as a bad thing.  It’s the sanitation of society and it’s sweeping our nation.  What are we going to do about it?  How do we right this ship and get it started in the right direction?  What will it take?

It starts by getting involved.  It starts by listening rather than screaming. It starts by acknowledging one another rather than ignoring.

It starts and it ends with us.

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