Contrasts in Life & Inspiration

The ground is brown and blotchy. The deciduous trees are naked.  It is not exactly a visually stimulating time of year instead, it is drab and rather boring. But then a burst of color leaps out unexpectedly, like this bush with berries red against a perfect blue sky.  So vivid and bold is it that the colorless surroundings fade away and for a few moments, voila!

That’s how life is sometimes.  Once in a while we go through what I call “droughts of inspiration” and then when we least expect it, a burst of creativity shoots out of the mind and onto the page.  Would we notice those moments if not for the sharp contrast – those frustrating downtimes or voids of color?

I’m looking out my living room window as I write this.  There’s a few lumps of snow dotting the ground, but for the most part, the snow is gone.  The grass is matted and the ground is spongy.  There is the slightest of green tinge spreading through the woods as the sap makes its way up through the branches.  The woods are waking up and in a few weeks, like wildfire, an inferno of green will erupt throughout the forest.

That’s how inspiration feels.  It’s how it grips the soul of the creator.  It strikes hard and fast, the words spill out, a dam of creativity bursts wide open onto the page or the screen. For how long? One can never tell.  The point is to ride the wave of inspiration for as long as we can.  Appreciate those moments and pay tribute to those hard-working muses who’ve lit upon us for a moment or two.

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