Where Is the Love?

I’ve been a Christian most of my life, well, for as long as I can remember.  It’s how I grew up. Have I questioned my beliefs and searched for answers on my own? Yes, but I keep coming back to my own personal square one. I can’t not believe. That’s just me.  I’m not a perfect Christian, in fact I’m far from it. But I try to be a good Christian – a good person.  I don’t believe in judging others.  I find other beliefs and religions fascinating.  I think they all have a unique quality and beauty to them that we can all learn from.  I believe that Christ taught love of and for one another.  I don’t believe I have a right to put myself in the judgement seat of God as so many are doing these days and have done throughout history.  What saddens me is when people who call themselves Christians decide they know better – that they have the right to try to dictate another’s life and morals.  God gave us all free will, as a friend recently reminded me.

I read an article this morning about a Catholic school in Boulder, Colorado that is not allowing two children to continue as students because their parents are a lesbian couple. While I know what the Church’s stance is on homosexuality, what really bothers me is the ultimate message we are sending out into the world.  How far are we allowed to tamper into the lives of others? Who is hurt the most in this particular scenario but the children?  At a very young age, they are learning that according to the Church, God’s love only extends so far. How will this affect them in the long run? What will these kids take away from this situation? This couple obviously wanted their children to go to this school for a reason. Why are we assuming that gays and lesbians want any less for their children than those of us who are straight? Why are we assuming that to be gay is to be Godless?  I have many gay friends who are Christians and who love God.  I am sure I’ll get some responses on that one, but seriously, can you peer into the heart of a person and see their truth? I thought not.

This post is not about the age-old question, is homosexuality right or wrong. I’m not addressing that here. What I am talking about are the actions we put out into the world and how they affect others and in this case, the children of the lesbian couple.  Once we stop placing people in these neat little compartments: lesbian couple, gay couple, black couple, white couple, mixed race couple, etc… maybe we’ll be able to move on.  Who cares what kind of couple you are?  What matters is that these children are loved and cared for.  There’s so much abuse and neglect in the world.  There are far too many children without families out there – with no one to care for them, look after them, love them.  We should be thrilled when a family is formed; a family built around love and support.  Isn’t that the ultimate goal – the most ideal situation?  Straight people do not have the cornerstone on happy families.  It just infuriates me when certain Christians go after gay couples with kids yet say nothing about the straight family with abusive or absent parent(s) and the forgotten kids left to fend for themselves.

You can never have enough love in the world and when it comes to children, you love them with everything you have and you make sure they know they are loved without question.  Not a single one of us is perfect – not one.  What matters in the end is that we do our very best to be good to one another, care for one another and lift each other up rather than tear each other down as we are so adept at doing.

Then there’s the story about a school in Mississippi where a girl wanted to take her girlfriend to the school prom but the school said no and has now decided to not hold a prom at all.  So, everyone suffers and nothing good comes out of it on either side.  I wonder what the rest of the students think.  Do they have the same issues with the couple as the school board? In my opinion, all this does is exacerbate the issue which will inevitably erupt in outrage towards the teen from students who might blame her for the prom’s cancellation.  Also, what’s the big deal if a girl wears a tuxedo?  Do we live in the Dark Ages?  What message are we sending to our youth?  Shouldn’t we lead by example?  Shouldn’t we be doing everything we can to ensure all children realize they are accepted and loved no matter how they differ?  How else do we teach tolerance? The schools are supposed to be a safe place in which to do that – one would think.  There are so many things far worse in this world that we should be concerned with that does not or rather, should not include ostracizing a child.

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  1. Amen! I will have to tell you sometime about the “incident” I had with 2 of my very best friends. They called a meeting with me (with their husbands) and said that they could not be around me when I was with a mutual friend who was gay. They believed that homosexuality was a sin transferred through touch (through TOUCH?? COME ON!) so they didn’t feel “safe” around this person. Homosexuality is not something you can catch. I am happy to say that since then (it was 1998), I have received apologies from both friends. Their hearts have changed toward this person. But I’m sorry to say, the damage was done and it was far reaching. How are we showing people the LOVE of Christ when we ostracize?

  2. and christians wonder why people are leaving churches… it’s easier , i guess, to not take the time to truely understand what you are so afraid of. thanks for posting, tracy.

  3. Interesting. And, I read at least one article that quoted fellow students who were either upset with her for “ruining my senior year” or just upset with the whole thing and wishing the school board would just “let her wear the tuxedo and have it be done with”.
    I would urge people to vote – the more we can change opinions and rules, the less “old school” rules there will be.

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