The Beauty Within

The Beauty Within

As Winter shakes off the last of its snowy mantle and Spring begins its reign over the land, we notice new signs of life cropping up, poking through the once frozen ground, hungrily and eagerly reaching for the sun.

Signs of life are all around us and never more fully visible are they than in the springtime, the season of renewal.  So much of what we see goes unnoticed either because we are too busy or just don’t care.  We see it, but we don’t bother to acknowledge it.  What a shame.

The intricate detail of plants and flowers – the seeds beneath the ground that sprout up, grow and blossom are some of Nature’s most amazing actions. All that effort they make just to live! All the things that must come together to create one flower, one plant, one blade of grass even. We take it for granted too much of the time.

Take for example, the inside of this tulip.  Look at the rich color – the dainty stamen and pistil.  For the most part, we only see the petals which are beautiful in their own right but the inside – especially when we see it up close like this – is every bit as remarkable if not more!

Do we look at one another as humans in the same way?  We judge others constantly by their outward appearance. Yes we do – whether we admit it or not.  But how often do we look closely enough to notice that inner beauty, that unique quality each of us has?

There is so much going on around us that we do not see – that we do not take the time to see – and yet it is still there.  We need to take the time to realize just how wonderful things are despite the hardships we all go through.  Each path we take is different.  Some have an easier time of it than others and yet how we react to it entirely depends on us.  We can choose to make time, we can choose to notice the little things, we can choose to see the beauty and the good things in the world around us or disregard it entirely. We can choose to pay attention rather than ignore.

Look up from where you are sitting – wherever that is and take a look around.  Look at the way the sun’s light hits the building and the contrast it makes against that deep blue sky or check out those puffy white clouds (they aren’t clouds, by the way – no, it’s an elephant ambling by a large castle!). Or look at that person sitting next to you and smile. You just might find the beauty within that you didn’t see the first time around.

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  1. Very inspiring. Sometimes I get so preoccupied with the “task at hand” that I miss the forest for the trees. I will be more aware today because of your post. Thank you! Happy (almost) Spring!

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