Taking a Stand

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to take a stand on anything these days.  I’m not saying it isn’t possible or that one should shrink away from asserting their beliefs.  What I am saying is that it is darn hard to get a point across.  Someone will invariably jump all over whatever I say without taking the time to actually read and try to comprehend what it is I am saying.  It gets downright tiring to explain and justify every single little thing I say or write.  Some people disagree from the start for no reason other than just to disagree.  They are the ones who seriously bug the hell out of me.  They don’t bother engaging in polite debate.  They just spew a bunch of negative statements lacking any sort of informed or rational opinion.

Then you have the people who disagree with you because they have either labeled you as one thing or another – Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Conservative, Christian, non-Christian, Tea bagger…you get the picture.  Their ears are slammed shut before you even start.  How about taking those labels and forgetting about them?  How about listening to one another for a change even if you disagree.  How about respecting one another and allowing for an intellectually stimulating conversation to take place?  How about not always insisting you are right and everyone else is wrong?  The door swings both ways.

Maybe if the Democrats and Republicans tried this, they could arrive at some real, working solutions to the problems we are having instead of finger pointing, screaming and talking over one another.

It is important to take a stand. It is important to stand for what we believe in.  But we also have to remember that taking a stand means someone else has a right to stand up and be heard as well – right or wrong.

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  1. You bring up a great point. I too have run into the new un-intellectual “drown out your oppositition” mentality. Rather than rational discourse and consentual agreement or disagreement and subsequently seeking common ground, they choose irrational and emotional outbursts without the knowledge to back their response. I do not understand if as I was always taught to use my words, my reasonable logic, try to find common ground and work from there. I do not know where this new mentality has arisen from, but it is dangerous and destructive!

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